Ready interior sets
for fast interior

It will save you 2 months and
over 2,000 EUR minimum

24 ready-made designs that will help in any stage of the renovation decoration

All the furniture have links for quick purchase

Ordering ready sets today,
you will get them

for 75 EUR 2500 EUR

If you have an active and busy life,
but you dream about cozy and stylish accommodation like in your favorite pictures on Pinterest,
I have the perfect solution for you:

Do you have the questions like:

  • Are you tired of just thinking about starting a renovation?
  • Don't understand where to start?
  • How to choose the color of the walls, furniture and lighting?
  • Where to buy all this?
  • How much does it cost and what is the budget?
Familiar? Then watch the video below
Why do ready interior sets benefit you?
  • 1
    It takes at least 2 months to develop a design project. You have very effectively worked out options of interiors for all the rooms
  • 2
    The cost of developing 1 project starts from 2500 EUR.
    You can purchase ready-made sets
    for 75 EUR today

  • 3
    Easy to implement
    No need to waste time looking
    for separate items of furniture or accessory.
    Each item comes with a purchase link and a price
  • 4
    Variety of styles
    3 color palettes concepts.
    Ready-made concepts in
    light, dark and pastel colors

  • 5
    Full or partial use.
    You decide which options to use
  • 6
    Quality and price balance
    Middle price segment.
    The price segment of furniture and accessories, used in the sets is available to each customer
About the concepts and style
  • Concept in light colors
    Calm light colors, elegant furniture, accessories, and laconic design match perfectly with each other. With such interior, you will always feel in harmony at home.
  • Concept in dark colors
    The Interiors have some mystery and unusual details which add sophistication and style. Suitable for lovers of a cozy intimate atmosphere.
  • Concept in pastel colors
    For creative people who love color in the interior.
    With a combination of complex soft, but saturated colors, you will feel relaxation and comfort.
Example of content you will get
Light colors set. Living room
What do my clients say?

  • Mira saved our house by picking up the project in the middle when our hands were tired of the stupidity and worthlessness of the previous team. I understand how difficult it is to remake and not start from the beginning, but Mira did a great job. She was watching builders, and suppliers to complete the house.
    House on Paros island, Greece, 250 m²
  • Thanks to Instagram for helping me find our designer. I really liked the work of interiors in the profile of Mira. Therefore, we unconditionally trusted our designer, having previously explained what kind of interior we would like to see and approximate color schemes. Mira exceeded all our expectations! Our house has gradually turned into a dream home! Mira helped us come up with new ideas, incredible colors and beautiful furniture.

    I sincerely recommend a wonderful designer, with whom it is easy and pleasant to work, and who does all the work clearly and on time! Well, I wish Mira inspiration and many good clients 😍

    House in Lisbon, Portugal, 180 m2
  • Very professional approach to clients. I was impressed not only by the work on the project and construction, but also by the selection of furniture, plumbing and even curtains. The project includes links to all sites and stores where you can buy everything. This is very convenient, especially for clients like me (who don't have time to google). I also liked the speed of execution of the order!
    House near Kyiv, Ukraine,165 m²
  • The task was to design a 4-room apartment out of two: 1-room and 2-room, 95 m². I really liked the design - calm and at the same time bright, the colors are chosen very well. The project was done professionally and efficiently, all our wishes for redevelopment were taken into account. The apartment is comfortable and functional.
    Apartment in RP "Il Patio", Kyiv, 95 m2
  • When talent and good ideas are combined, a wonderful project is obtained!! For example, one like ours!😍I wish you further great ideas and their implementation!! And we start thinking about the house.
    Natalia and Andrew
    Apartment in Kyiv 100 m²

interior designer and founder of design studio
  • Since 2013 I create comfortable interiors for residential and public spaces in Ukraine, Greece, Portugal, and other European countries.

  • I am Ukrainian, living in Greece, Athens.

  • I graduated from the European Design School in Kyiv.

  • There are over 48+ completed projects worldwide - private houses, apartments, studios, offices, beauty salons and spas, cafe, schools, and other public spaces in my portfolio.

  • My works were in nominations in the contests — Interior of the Year and Artspace.

  • My interiors were published in the authoritative interior magazine Domus Design

 To create a beautiful, comfortable living space that will give you energy, harmony and bring joy.

What is the content of the sets?
Selection of 24 interior choices - 8 main rooms, in 3 different color palettes, moods, and styles on 56 pages
In each mood board, you will find recommendations for materials, finishes, and colors for each room.

Each room has its own shopping list with a final budget.
The sets contain all the items necessary for living and useful little details -
furniture, lighting, bedding, pillows, dishes, accessories, textiles, and interior decoration

Links to the shops where you can buy all the products from the set.

3 kinds of interior choices: Set in light colors, Set in dark colors, Set in pastel colors
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Hall
  • Bedroom
  • Children's room
  • Home office
  • Bathroom
  • Terrace or balcony
Instruction. How to work with the catalog
This catalog will help you at any stage of the renovation and decoration of your house or apartment.
For example, you can take only some furniture or accessories and change one or two rooms.
Or you can make a full renovation using recommended colors and materials, order furniture, and get a 100% harmonious interior.

Inspiration to make your home comfortable and stylish
You can use information from the catalog in part or fully, or create your own interiors, using some ideas from the catalog..

How much does the catalog cost?

1 individual project for 8 rooms
from my design studio costs 2500 EUR
Only today you will get 3 different detailed finished projects with all addresses and links for buying furniture and accessories
for 75 EUR
Solution for all 8 rooms

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Hall
  • Bedroom
  • Children's room
  • Home office
  • Bathroom
  • Terrace or balcony
+ Bonus specially for you:

Check-list "How to make renovation in 10 steps and not regret it"

Checklist "How to make the renovation in 10 steps"
It will help you to avoid many mistakes and to save time and money.

Checklist includes:
  2. Important things, on what to pay your attention during the construction works.
  3. How to get your best result in 10 steps.

Questions you may have:

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